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SUMMER TOP 42 TO 45 Black finish hardware, eyelets, fasteners, US buckles and tips, authentic construction and binding, used from Spring 42 thru to 45. The rear panel has 5 straps, an open rear window, oblong with rounded corners, reinforced down each edge of the window. WWII Jeep tops never had a window with a webbing cross, try to find a WWII picture of one! There is a rectangular hole to allow the jerrycan strap to come thru the back panel. The top panel has 3 double canvas flaps to attach to the folding hood bow. 10 black finish eyelets hold the top to the screen. Copied from an original top in our possession. Manufacturer stencil available, state Ford or Willys....145
Windshield stud Willys type £15 per set

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MB/GPW with top, door and curtains

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Hotchkiss M201 with top, door and curtains

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MB/GPW in full US winter kit

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Summer top for the MB/GPW

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Seats, cushions and hip pads and above tonneaux cover

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MB/GPW with half doors

SUMMER TOP late 41 to early 42 as above, with 6 tie down straps (no jerrycan)..148
SEAT CUSHION SET 8 part cushion set including hip pad covers and stuffing. Original size inserts, 2" cushions and 1.5" backrests. Constructed in the original way, top-stitched and with a zipper in the drivers cushion, this was to facilitate the storage of maps. Stuffed with high density bonded foam to form a firm seat. Comes complete with a set of cup washers and screws to fit to the seat frames. from originals of mine...156 all pieces available seperately- pl enquire for price.
Hip pad backing plates £26 per pair now in stock

SCREWS AND CUPS FOR FITTING SEATS Normally included with seat set, but if bought seperately- £7
HALF-DOORS WITH ORIGINAL FASTENERS  these vital little items keep the icy draughts away from the legs and lower back area for the dedicated all seasons Jeep driver. ..£110
Body socket kit £20
WINDSHIELD COVER A bag to hide away the windshield, to stop the glare slips over the screen and fixes to itself with 4 fasteners, there are a couple of holes for the screen tie down clips to fix onto the screen without hinderance to the canvas...42
With Invasion Star....£48
TONNEAU COVER   covers cargo in rear body with rear seat folded down...75

copy of original lent to us,  has a spring steel insert to help retain the shape of the bag......14

GEAR GAITERS in canvas a pair, one for gear lever and a double gaiter for the transfer levers....12

HEADLAMP COVERS patterned on my original set, complete with lace to fix on lamp.....16
MIRROR COVER slips over mirror and holds with a press stud, copied from an original....10
stores doors and curtains on the hqod (bonnet) when not in use.....£86
Straps on to keep water out of the mount £15

SAFETY STRAPS one pair, complete with hook, buckle, without anchor end
safety in name only.........................40
TOP STOWAGE STRAPS..............14
JERRICAN STRAPS complete with easy fit black finish rivets to fix......12

WILLYS AND BANTAM TRAILER COVERS Made up as original as a rectangular sheet, reinforced at the corners and hems, with sisal rope spliced on the appropriate eyelets, please tell us if your trailer is wartime or post war, some of the later ones are 4 inches wider...47
WINTER DOORS AND CURTAINS designed by us to turn your Jeep into more cosy enclosure, used together with a summer top, the price includes the modifications to your existing summer top or modifications to a new summer top, this includes the fitting of a celluloid rear window and the fixing flaps and fasteners, the doors feature a steel frame, with a signal flap and two windows, they are held to the windshield with two small hinges, the forward edge of the door forms a seal by feeding thru the inner windscreen apeture. The rear curtains require no special fasteners, they are held on the Jeep by flaps and pockets that close onto existing hardware, they turnbutton to a flap sewn on the top. The outfit comes with all parts required to fit and full instructions-latest evolution even easier to fit.....230
Doors only 125 per pair, rear curtains only 105 per pair.
US PATTERN WINTER KIT  a copy of the standardised US winter top complete assembly. We were able to borrow a complete original kit to make our patterns for this. Includes top doors curtains and all hardware to fit. This outfit has a very full specification designed for the worst Arctic conditions, double sealing flaps, inner and outer door frames, very strong door frames, hinges that fit to Jeep body and windshield. 4 straps that tension the top panel. Comes with all parts required and full instructions to fit. Made to fit on and leave on for the winter....510
BRITISH HUMBER PATTERN DOORS AND CURTAINS also known as Jeep Mackintosh, they are a replica of equipment made by The Humber Motor Company for the British Army during WWII. We have an original set of these, from which they are copied. The kit comprises 2 doors, 2 curtains, a flap which is sewn onto the back of the top's rear panel. The curtains have no window and are fixed with straps and footman loops fitted to the body and press studs to the top, the doors fit with studs to the windshield and strap on their rear edge to the curtains. Complete with fixing kit....185

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M38 TOP This is a dual purpose top, it can be used as a summer top or in conjunction with doors and curtains. It comes complete with all the fasteners attached to receive the doors and curtains, you can specify a large rear window or the original size. The top attaches to the windshield via a sewn in piping,it attaches to the hood bow with 2 double flaps, with strong turnbutton fasteners, the rear panel is held down by 6 webbing straps with US type buckles and hardware. Most if the hardware on the top is made of brass, finished as the originals were in black and made by the original manufacture in the U.S....200

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M38 DOORS AND CURTAINS As mentioned above this is the set which completes the Jeeps winterisation. The doors have a hinged steel framed door, its forward edge is held by a sewn in piping which runs into a slot on the windshield and body, it has a large celluloid window as original and a sturdy handle cum latch arrangement. The rear curtains have a window , they are pre-fitted with all the fasteners ready to hang from the hood, the bottom edge straps to footman loops on the Jeep body...200
M38 SEAT COVERS If your M38 has its original spring cushions you can recover them with this kit, it comprises the 6 covers ready to pull over the old seat bases....75

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M38A1 TOP The description above for the M38 top applies equally to the M38A1, as the construction is identical, although the size is very different.....200 M38A1 in desert trim -if you need a different colour canvas , please ask us!
M38A1 DOORS AND CURTAINS Again the description for the M38 doors and curtains is almost the same for M38A1 except for the forward lower edge of the door which is held to the body with 4 turnbuttons...200
M38A1 SEAT COVERS If your M38A1 has its original spring cushions you can recover them with this kit, it comprises the 6 covers ready to pull over the old seat bases....75
 All of the above available in US Olive, or British Khaki or Desert Sand